A How to Guide for Mobile Marketing

As an online marketer or offline business, you might be wondering where you can start with mobile marketing as a way to bring more income and customers into your business. The first thing you might want to do is have a mobile-friendly website.

Industry experts suspect that Google gives weight to those websites that have taken the time to cater to the mobile user. Your URL will usually be something like an “m” tacked onto the beginning of your URL, like this: m.website.com but some people spell out the word mobile like this: mobile.website.com.

Either way is fine, but it’s important to find an expert who can help you achieve this without you messing up your site’s navigation and ease of use for the non-mobile user, too.

Learn how to use QR Codes  in your business. When a mobile customer sees a QR Code, they can simply have their phone scan it and do a number of things to interact with your website, without having to type any text in. The QR Code can sign them up for your newsletter, for example.

Get familiar with short codes. You hear them screamed from the television set. “Text 64238 with the word Prize and instantly get entered to win a Porsche!” You can use these in your business, too.

Mainstream America got familiar with short codes when they started voting for things. Everyone wants a say in who wins a competition or which video will be marked as the number one that week.

Start by figuring out what you want your mobile marketing campaign to do. Do you want to see more people signed up to your list? Would actual sales be your #1 goal? Knowing what you want your campaign to achieve will help you figure out the best avenue to launch it.

Map out your mobile user. You want to know how your buyer or subscriber uses mobile websites. Spend time researching and then decide which form of communication would best fit them – a mobile website? A text message?

Come up with a campaign that would best resonate with those people. Should it be fun, serious, urgent? What would the mood and tone be for your audience to get them to act on your campaign?

Determine how your campaign can include a viral element to it. It’s not enough to reach one mobile user. Have them share the message or strategy with others they know! Then you get more for your money. After you launch, watch for results and brainstorm ideas on how you can make improvements.

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