How QR Codes Can Help Grow YOUR Business.

The potential for QR Codes is limitless.  What’s most exciting is how they take what social media is doing well now, bringing people together with technology, and extending it to enhance the experience.

Let’s look at some other ways QR codes are being used now, and some that I feel we will be seeing very soon.

Where QR Codes can be used:

  • The back (or front and back) of your business card.
  • Your brochures and other marketing materials.
  • In a window display in at the front of your business.
  • Restaurant menus.
  • Point-of-sale receipts

What QR Codes can link to:

  • Your contact information
  • Directions to your business
  • Valuable coupons and special offers
  • Recommendations for complementary products and services
  • Bonus offers and incentives
  • Customer feedback forms
  • SMS text messages (this works wonderfully with a text message marketing campaign)

Here are a couple of examples of QR Codes for you to try scanning:

If you would like to learn more about how you can use QR Codes in your business, gives us a call today at (858) 228-2585.

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